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It’s not enough to be safe one day. We must be Safe Day One®

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Safe Day One® is available in both English and Spanish languages.


Safe Day One® is an online healthcare facilities orientation and safety training program that Hospital Facility Managers implement to assure their staff and contractors are prepared to work in the hospital environment.


The orientation of technicians and contractors in healthcare is a patient safety issue and a requirement for accreditation with Center for Medicare/Medicaid Services (CMS) and other accrediting organizations such as The Joint Commission.

Safe Day One® is recognized by ASHE as a preparation course for the Certified Health Care Physical Environment Worker.

Safe Day One® hours may also be used towards renewal requirements for the ASHE CHFM and ASHE CHC certifications.




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Any worker can take the course online.
Cost is $129 per person.

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at the same time. Price is $129 per person.

Contractor Implementations

We can help you implement Safe Day One® for your whole facility.
*Please note that registration is hosted on the Owensboro Community and Technical College website.


Safe Day One® Testimonials

“In an ever changing Healthcare Environment it is difficult to keep your staff aware of the up to date regulatory requirements within our facilities.  Safe Day One® is a comprehensive education tool for the Facilities Director.  It teaches your staff the proper way to work inside of a healthcare facility.  The Facilities department at our hospital has adopted Safe Day One® as required orientation for all new hires and that all Facilities staff retake the exam every three years to stay abreast of the regulatory requirements governing construction and maintenance in healthcare facilities.”

Martin Wheatley, CHE, CHFM

Director of Facilities, Owensboro Health

“This is a great course.  It is very thorough and well put together. I’m going to have conversations with some other folks regarding this as a training tool for our people and subcontractors involved in Healthcare projects.” 

Lester Hess, ASHE CHC

Superintendent, Whiting Turner

“Safe Day One® is a great tool to educate new hospital employees or new contractors who will be working in the hospital environment. I will use this for my existing employees as well as my contractors to give them the knowledge and safety precautions to keep our patients and employees secure and safe.” Ronnie Cecil

Director of Plant Operations , Lee Health Coconut Point

What does Safe Day One® training cover?

Module 1 – Before you Arrive
Pre-construction Risk Assessment
Infection Prevention, Fire Safety, Patient Privacy, & Vaccinations

Module 2 – When you Arrive
Parking, Security, Permits, Emergency Codes, & Teamwork

Module 3 – While you’re Working & Before you Leave
Odors, Vibration & Noise, Compartmentalization, Debris Removal, etc.

Module 4 – Environmental & OSHA Safety
Confined Space, Ladder Safety, Blood-borne Pathogens & much more

Module 5 – Pandemic

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should an employee or contractor take the Safe Day One® course?

Safe Day One® is updated annually and recommends participants take the course every three years.

How do I implement the Safe Day One® program for my contractors?

Add the following section to the list of qualifications in the Contractor Requirements of your bid specifications or Contractors Qualifications documentation: “In addition to other requirements included in the terms of the contract, all individuals employed or subcontracted by independent contractors to perform work within XYZ Health facilities shall: a. Provide proof of valid Safe Day One® Completion Certificate for each contractor employee. (Effective January 1, 2019) b. This program is available online at:

Are there other certifications that this training can be applied toward?

Safe Day One® is recognized by ASHE as a preparation course for the Certified Health Care Physical Environment Worker.

Safe Day One® hours may also be used towards renewal requirements for the ASHE CHFM and ASHE CHC certifications.

In addition, Safe Day One® is now being accepted as an academic credit at Owensboro Community & Technical College as part of the Healthcare Facilities Technician(HFT) Certificate credential(Substitutes for HFO 100). This is a $200.00 value. Learn more at

What are the required standards that Safe Day One® addresses?

Safe Day One® addresses the requirement to establish a safe environment and ensure those working in healthcare are oriented and trained.

Standard EC.02.06.05 – The hospital manages its environment during demolition, renovation or new construction to reduce risk to those in the organization

Standard LS.01.02.01 – The hospital protects occupants during periods when the Life Safety Code is not met during periods of construction

Safe Day One® also addresses physical environment survey accreditation issues.

Standard LD.03.01.01 – Leaders create and maintain a culture of safety and quality throughout the hospital

Standard HR.01.05.03, EP1 – Staff participate in ongoing education and training to maintain or increase their competency

Standard EC.02.01.01, EP3 – The hospital takes action to eliminate identified safety and security risks in the physical environment

How long does it take to complete the course?
The five modules take 3.5 hours to complete.
How many CEUs are approved for Safe Day One®?

Safe Day One® is approved by ASHE for 6 Continuing Education hours or .6 CECs

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